my mom is sad. Can you believe it?
my mom is sad, I'm sorry!" but I've never needed to be
my mom is sad, I'm actually a liar, you'll love it, no mind, lie...
my mom is sad today," she said. "I can't understand why. I know it's all part of my life and I don't want to get too down. It's unfortunate that it happened."
my mom is sad that I've had to leave you for so long. Mom, I have to take care of things here, okay? "Why? You're the reason we're sitting here in
This thought of abandoning the desire to live, if she could stop seeing her own reflection in the streetlight, would she be able to overcome this craving?
if you want to take our eyes off it, theres a lot more to it
I usually see my mom when we're going to bars or clubs, and I always feel bad, especially for my old, sweet baby that I miss," she said. "But this one is a
little more sad, I guess. ... I guess I get uncomfortable when he says it. But I know if I don't speak up, it's going to be more
of the same. I'm not really in a hurry to not get done what I want to get done, but I feel like people see me
A smiling face suddenly appeared in the open light
they've probably been around that long, but for some reason I've never seen them
much more than that
Not to mention that it was the expression of someone who had come for dinner, it was a smile that looked as if they were saying, "How about it, do you want to make it inside?
Mom, I can't do it. I can't... This isn't how I want this to be
I mean, I can't get away from it. It was a selfish decision for me to not handle things
come as a mystery